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Making poultry effective business


Green Chicken is an innovative feed supplement for poultry based on chlorella algae. Our supplement helps farmers produce healthier poultry, better eggs, to do it quicker and at a lower cost.


Protein (50%)
Omega-3 fatty acids
Para-aminobenzoic acid
Linoleic acid
Amino – acids

Modern egg and poultry producers strive to find a balance between the need to continuously enhance the quality of broilers and eggs and decrease their costs, like feed, antibiotics, and hormones.  

Green Chicken helps solve this problem thanks to the unique chemical composition of its main component, Chlorella. The supplement has a high concentration of protein (50%), which makes it a great source of the essential amino acids required for the nutrition of poultry and the eggs they lay. Chlorella also has anti-inflammatory effects that help strengthen the immune system of poultry, reducing the need for antibiotics. Chlorella has been demonstrated to reduce the time to maturity in hens, reducing the need to use hormones and making the growing process more efficient.


Unique strain

Contains protein, vitamins and amino-acids

Natural & Sustainable


Green Chicken has a positive effect on all basic parameters of poultry farming: it boosts productivity and quality of production, health, reproduction, average weight and more.

# 1

Improves health of hens and boosts their growth

Green Chicken simultaneously boosts weight gain. Under industrial poultry farming conditions, it is possible to increase the profitability of production by 50% or more, due to a) sharp reduction in losses - up to 4 times; b) increase in the average daily weight up to 11%; c) reduction of feed consumption up to 15%.

# 2

Reduces the need for antibiotics & hormone

Green Chicken enhances the immunity of poultry, preventing the risk of viral and bacterial infections and therefore reducing the need for antibiotics and hormones. Due to the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant pathogens in humans and animals, there is a concern about the potential use of antibiotics in poultry feeds. This concern is also amplified by the potential misuse of antibiotics in animal feeds. Therefore, the use of antibiotics is now being banned in several jurisdictions (for instance, in Korea).

# 3

Increases eggs laying performance

Supplementation with Green Chicken positively affects laying performance, increases the number and quality of laid eggs, as well as hatching performance:


  • Increase in laying performance up to 15%.

  • Increase in weight of eggs by 10-15%.

  • Increase in carotene content in egg by 1.5-2 times.

  • Reduction in the death rate of laying hens.


Studies show that adding chlorella-based supplements into the poultry feed can enhance egg weight, laying intensity and other parameters.


Green Chicken can solve the following challenges of poultry farmers:



Single-cell algae plants are probably one of the most nutrient-dense types of food currently known. The environmental and economic sustainability of chlorella production is enhanced by growing the organisms in a seawater-based medium, so as not to compete with crops for freshwater, and at high temperatures, so as to reduce energy consumption for cooling.

Being one of the few microalgae (together with Dunaliella, Haematococcus and Arthrospira) largely employed for human consumption, chlorella’s cultivation does not need fertile soil and is very efficient in using nutrients, thus avoiding or limiting pollution of water bodies by unused fertilizers. Some algae can be cultivated in brackish, saline or seawater, thus they do not compete for dwindling freshwater resources.

Studies also show that microalgae generally have much faster growth-rates than terrestrial crops. The per unit area yield of oil from algae is estimated to be from 20,000 to 80,000 litres per acre, per year; this is 7–31 times greater than the next best crop (palm oil). 

Feeding the Chickens


Green Chicken improves the ratio of profits and costs. This is achieved through the reduction of usage of antibiotics and hormones which become obsolete with Green Chicken.

  • How adding Green Chicken to feed will affect broilers / eggs?
    The key effects of adding Green Chicken to the chicken’s diet are: Improved immune systems; Improved weight gain; Improved eggs laying performance;
  • Is it beneficial for my business?
    Operational metrics of a poultry farm depend directly on chicken’s health. Applying Green Chicken allows to lower death rate of chickens, increase laying performance of hens, increase their average weight, etc.
  • How does it work?
    The positive effect of Green Chicken is determined by the chemical composition of chlorella, its key component. Chlorella is a natural microalgae containing protein, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids.
  • You say chlorella is a microalgae. What does it mean?
    Microalgae are microscopic algae, photosynthetic organisms typically found in freshwater and marine systems. They are unicellular species which exist individually, or in chains or groups.
  • How do I mix Green Chicken with standard livestock feed?
    There are no hard and fast rules. Green Chicken is generally added as a 1% to 17% share of the chicken’s daily feed intake.
  • Is Green Chicken injurious to chicken’s health?
    No. Green Chicken is absolutely safe for use as a feed supplement. Moreover, chicken consuming Green Chicken are generally healthier when compared non-consuming ones due to improved function of the immune systems as a result of chlorella intake.
  • Are there any side effects?
    No. There are no known side effects related to the use of Green Chicken according to modern studies.
  • Is Green Chicken a sustainable supplement?
    Yes. Production of Green Chicken does not demand fertile soil which means it does not need freshwater and energy for cooling (unlike crops). Chlorella is also growing much faster than typical terrestrial crops.
  • Is Green Chicken designed only for use in poultry feeds?
    Green Chicken was designed specially for use in poultry industry. However, as a chlorella-based supplement, Green Chicken may be used as a livestock feed supplement for other animals.
  • Do I have to use growth hormones / antibiotics if I apply Green Chicken?
    It is up to you. However, in most cases adding Green Chicken to poultry feed allows to either decrease the amount of applied hormones and antibiotics or totally exclude it. This is because of immune and weight growth boosting properties of Green Chicken.


Iroro Tome.jpeg

Iroro Tome


Mr. Ayomanor Iroro Tome is the founder and CEO of Green Chicken. Mr. Ayomanor has unparalleled experience in the poultry industry. He is the founder and CEO of Oatvana Farms, one of Nigeria’s major poultry and egg producers. He has more than 12 years of experience in Operations, Management, Stakeholder Relations and Strategy. He has rendered over 10 national projects and project evaluations in agriculture and has guided over 20 farmers to start up their own small farms across Nigeria. 


Green Chicken sees its mission in helping farming business to operate their business better by providing them with high-quality sustainable livestock supplements.


The vision of Green Chicken is to create a business environment in which poultry and egg farmers may operate smoothly and provide people with the best poultry products.

Mr. Ayomanor together with the team of Green Chicken is proud to be able to help farmers worldwide supply the best poultry & eggs and simultaneously help these farmers’ businesses operate with higher efficiency.

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